• Data concentrator unit (DCU)HPGP1)PLC communication between modems
  • Supports 128-bit AES encryption between DCUPLC modem intervals
  • Support application level ARIA-128-GCM authentication encryption between serversDCU intervals
  • Communicates with more than 40 watt-hour meters
  • Supports transformer load surveillance functionality (TDU2)embedded) (optional)


  • DCU


  • Side
  • Side
118(W) * 70(H)mm


C310(W) * 420(H) * 180(D)mm


C310(W) * 130(H) * 420(D)mm
  • Remarks
  • PLC Specs Home Plug Green PHY Ver 1.1 PLC Chip QCA6411 Frequency Range 2MHz – 30MHz Modulation Mode OFDM Transmit Notch Filter Programmable Security AES 128 Bits Supports Robust Mode
  • 100m
  • Supports 3-phase, 4-wire type Supports 3-phase magnetic coupling
  • DC Voltage +12V, +3.3V
  • 1) Home Plug Green PHY (HPGP): The Standards for a Smart Grid

    2) TDU: Transformer Diagnostic Unit

    HPGP Modem

    • Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)HPGP PLC communication between modems
    • DCUHPGP PLC communication between modems
    • DCUMediates protocols between watt-hour meters
    • Supports 128-bit AES encryption
    • ModemsRS-485/RS-232 communication with E-, G- and EA-Type watt-hour meters
    • ModemsIrDA (infrared light) communication with P-Type watt-hour meters


    • E-type
    • G-type
    • EA-type
    • P-type
    TKQM_E40 / TKQM_G40 / TKQM_EA40 / TKQM_P40
  • Remarks
  • Home Plug Green PHY Specifications Ver 1.1

    (Home Plug Powerline Alliance, 2012)

  • Operates normally at surrounding temperature between -25 and 55ºC
  • 100m
  • 128-bit AES
  • PLC Chip QCA7000 Frequency Range 2 MHz – 30 MHz Modulation Mode OFDM Addressing IEEE 802.3 MAC Repeating Functionality Available
  • ROBO Mode 3 Stages (x2, x4, x5) Physical Layer / UDP 10 Mbps / 5 Mbps
  • DC Voltage + 12V, + 3.3V Power Consumption 2.5 Watt Max Protection G-Type: 6kV
  • LTE Modem(KOREA)

    The amount of solar power generation is regularly collected and
    transmitted through the LTE wireless network and power generation information is provided through an
    operating system used for the solar rental business.

    • 4G LTE Cat.1, LTE Cat.4, LTE.Cat.M1, LTE450 and NB-IoT based on
    • Cellular Communication Technologies
    • Mounted with main antenna and sub-antenna(MISO)
    • USIM card slot (push-to-push type)
    • Check modem info through USB C-Type and debug
    • Displays power, LTE network connection and Status LEDs


    • E-type
    • G-type
      (launched in 2020)
    Size & Weight


    100(W) X 63.2(H) X 39.3(D)mm


  • Remarks
  • LTE (Band1) 1920 – 1980 (UL), 2110 – 2170 (DL) LTE (Band5) 824 – 249 (UL), 869 - 894 (DL)
  • Up to 10 Mbps downlink, 5 Mbps uplink
  • QPSK: Up to 23dBm ±2.7dB
  • -40ºC ~+85ºC / 0%~ 85%
  • -40ºC ~+85ºC / 0% ~ 85%
    • ·
    • Daily Report

      Regular metering and metering data report (once/day)

    • ·
    • Regular Report

      LP metering and metering data report (once/hour)

    • ·
    • Daily Re-set

      Daily regular re-set (once/day)

    • ·
    • Remote Modem Control

      Manual upgrade, terminal re-set, meter and modem info query, metering date setting, metering interval setting, event log and query, etc.

    • ·
    • FOTA

      Automatic (check latest firmware before daily re-set)

  • Street Light Control system

    This is a device that supports streetlight operating data collection (power, network, etc.),
    status management and maintenance timing prediction, in addition to the on/off control according to the time schedule of streetlight lighting,
    It is compatible with existing street lights (LED) and consists of lighting controllers and data concentrator units.

    • Supports maintenance timing prediction function
    • Compatible with existing street light (LED)
    • Composed of lighting controller and data concentrator


    • Data
      Unit (DCU)


    • Controller

      Single type

      dual type

    • Controller

      NEMA Standard type

    Controller: TIPS-ATS, TIPS-ATD, TIPS-ATN
    84 x 84 x 106(mm)
  • Remarks
  • IEC 61000-2/3/4/5/6 (Surge protection, ESD, FTB, CI) Class 2 Meter accuracy as IEC 62053-21 ANSI C136.4 connection
  • 2KB Memory
  • AC 176/264V
  • Temperature - 40℃ -+70℃ Humidity 10 - 100% Ingress protection IP 65
    • On-off control

      On/Off operation of street light remotely

    • Lighting control

      Dimming operations of street lights

    • Status queries

      Query street light status, energy consumption, voltage and current.

    • Scheduling

      Scheduled control such as on and off street lights, dimming, etc.

    • Data report

      Analysis curve and report on energy consumption, etc.

    • Alarm

      Display alarm for street light failure and no response

    • Data storage

      Record the operation history, Status, and relevant data of each equipment.

    • Environmental Data (Optional)

      Data collection of atmospheric environmental data such as temperature, humidity, etc.

    EMS Solution

    EMS (Energy Management Server) is a system that receives and stores data such as power usage,
    power quality, and alarms from a smart watt hour meter installed in the home, partially processes it, and
    transmits it to the power company's server.It is an efficient distribution network by reprocessing
    into various types of statistical data. It is a system that enables management.

  • Product Specs
  • Based on Windows Server / Linux Operating System Based on Oracle database Creates customer database containing all electricity users Creates database for AMI equipment management Creates location information database Creates database storing metering data Creates database on electricity quality data Creates database on fee schemes, etc.

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